Kristo’s Glass Services, Inc. began in 1956 as Custom Auto Glass on the corner of Drake and Granville Street in Vancouver. With 60 years of experience in the glass industry, we are one of Vancouver’s oldest glass companies. Our reputation for service and accountability for our work is well-known in the industry. With this many years of experience, we know glass. Our clients have come to expect quality in our service with a fast turnaround. We hear stories from our clients about how other companies offer cut rate prices – but there is a higher price to pay. Mistakes often don’t show up right away. Companies who work at cut rates will not accept responsibility for faulty installation and will charge extra to rectify a wrong, thereby costing more. Kristo’s Glass Services takes responsibility.

Kristo’s Glass Services Inc. stands behind all their work.

Vic Kristopaitis was the first person in Vancouver to begin the Service Contract program with insurance agents across the Lower Mainland. Insurance agents could provide a better way for their insurance customers to repair their glass breakage on their properties. This included personal property such as homes and duplexes as well as commercial properties. This program is now widely used today among all insurance agents and is popular for consumers.

This process allows an insured to purchase a glass contract that provides coverage for exterior window breakage. Customers who have this contract do not have to make a claim under their insurance policy. This enabled Kristo’s Glass Services to expand their business and establish themselves as a reliable industry leader. Many clients are still loyal to Kristo’s Glass Services to this day.