Kristo’s Glass Services has extensive experience and knowledge with installing double and triple-glazed windows. Do you have single pane windows and want to replace or upgrade them? We have successfully replaced many windows in homes from single pane to double-glazed. Double-glazed windows will typically last anywhere from 10-20 years, depending on temperature differences, workmanship and location of installation in terms of geographic location and facing direction.

Double-glazed Window Replacement

Benefits include:

– Noise mitigation

– Heat-insulating properties. This can be increased with using a layer of low emissivity glass. ( Low E )

– Longevity

Failed double-glazed units

Failed units (foggy windows) need to be entirely replaced and not repaired. We stand behind our work. Call us to learn how to insure against this all too common occurrence.

Patio Covers, Sun-room Canopies and Skylights

Enhance your interior space and exterior entrance and dramatically improve the ambiance of a room by using glass to allow more light fill your living space.

Glass Doors

A beautiful door is a visual anchor and sets the entrance stage for both residential and commercial properties. With glass doors, the hardware for the door handles that are available in the market today are both functional and artistically beautiful.

Frameless Glass Shower Installs

A frameless shower enclosure will enhance the appearance of any bathroom and add to the beauty and value of your home. Our custom frameless doors are available in various configurations and stunning finishes.