Window Repair Or Window Replacement?

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18 Aug

Window Repair Or Window Replacement?

If your windows are looking a little worn or have experienced some damage, you may be faced with the option of window repair or window replacement. However, before you start window shopping, it’s important to understand how severe the damage may be and whether your windows can be saved or if a window replacement is needed. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the age of your windows, whether they’re single or double glazed, and the root of the problem. Here’s a brief guide on damage to look out for and whether you may require window repair or window replacement.

Evaluate the damage
The first thing you need to do when deciding between window repair or replacement is evaluate the damage. If you simply have a cracked or broken window and there isn’t any damage to the frame, you should be able to get window repair and it will be quite a straight-forward fix. However, if you notice substantial damage to the actual frame of the window or if the exterior casing is loose and unstable, you may want to consider window replacement. It’s quite common to experience rips and holes in fibreglass, vinyl and aluminium windows, but Kristo’s Glass Repair specialist should be able to fill these in quite easily.

Is the glass single or double-glazed?
The other thing to look at is whether your windows are single or double-glazed. Most older homes, if they haven’t been renovated in the last 2 decades, will have single-glazed windows which doesn’t help the energy efficiency of your home. If your windows are single-glazed, it’s well wort getting them replaced and investing in double-glazed windows instead as you’ll see a significant decrease in your energy bills over time and your home will be much more efficient which will help to increase its value.

Look for frame rot or water infiltration
A key indicator that you may require window replacement and not just window repair is rot or water infiltration. Rot is very common for wood windows that haven’t been looked after properly, and common signs are cracks and warping in the wood. Another red flag is water infiltration, which is when water penetrates through the cracks in the wood, causing it to expand and weaken. If this type of damage is present, window replacement may be necessary as it’s hard to reverse the effects of water damage.

We recommend talking with your local glass specialist to figure out whether window repair or window replacement is the best option for you and how to maintain the aesthetic of your home.