What’s the Difference between Single and Double-glazed Windows?

double glazed windows overlooking meadowland
14 Aug

What’s the Difference between Single and Double-glazed Windows?

If you’re looking to replace your windows, one question you will face is whether to get single or double-glazed windows. Although a lot of older homes are fitted with single glazed windows, most homeowners are now switching to double-glazed as they’re much more durable and offer great thermal benefits. To help you make your decision, here’s a brief overview of the difference between single and double-glazed windows and which one will be most beneficial for your home.

Single-glazed windows

As the name suggests, single-glazed windows consist of one pane of glass. The glass is usually between 3-10 mm thick, but because there is only one layer of glass between the inside and the outside of your home, heat can easily transfer through the glass which can mean that you spend a lot of money heating your home. Single-glazed windows do tend to be cheaper to install, but not as energy efficient.

Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows are constructed with 2 panes of glass and a vacuum is created between the two layers. This vacuum acts as an insulator, so that heat can’t escape and the cold from outside can’t come in. Because of this, these windows are thought to be around 80% more efficient than single glazed windows.

Double-glazed windows are extremely durable and will typically last anywhere between 10 to 20 years. Their lifespan depends on things like your climate, temperature, which direction the windows face and how well they were installed, but double glazed windows are a great long-term investment.

Benefits of double-glazed windows include:

  • Heat-insulating properties. This is the greatest benefit as double-glazed windows offer insulation to help maintain the temperature inside the home and stop heat from escaping, which can have a huge impact on your energy bill especially in winter.
  • Noise mitigation. If you live on a busy road, in the city, or somewhere that’s quite loud, double or triple-glazed windows are a must. Because there’s an extra layer of glass they’re much more effective at cutting out noise pollution.

Which is better?

Hopefully this has provided some insight if you’re comparing the difference between single and double glazed windows. Ultimately, it’s your decision, but our professional opinion is that double glazed windows are a much more beneficial investment for your home.

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