The Best Type of Windows For Your Loft

Loft Type of Windows
7 Sep

The Best Type of Windows For Your Loft

Lofts are such beautiful spaces and if you’re fortunate to have a loft area in your home, there are plenty of ways you can use the room and enhance its design. Not only are lofts great as they offer privacy and noise insulation as they’re on a different floor, there’s also a lot you can do in terms of type of windows. Since lofts are on the top floor, they often get unobstructed views of the surroundings and an unlimited amount of light. This is why the windows you decide on are so important, and there are a number of things to consider including the amount of space you have as well as planning permission. Here’s a brief overview of your options to help you choose the best windows for your loft.

Roof windows
The most popular type of windows are simple roof windows, which are excellent for increasing the amount of air flow and natural light that enters your loft. Top-hinge roof type of windows and pivoting windows are good choices as they’re very easy to open but seal completely to prevent any leaks. You can easily place furniture under top-hinge windows and they’re designed to allow for a flow of air and ventilation without having to open the full window.

Juliet balcony
The best type of windows for your loft aren’t necessarily just windows – you can add doors too! A Juliet balcony is a great idea if you have the height and if your loft overlooks your garden or a beautiful view. It’s much easier to get planning permission for a Juliet balcony, but it’s something that you should discuss with your window specialist first. Juliet balconies create the balcony effect (but you just can’t step out onto it), and it allows a huge amount of light and air to enter your loft and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Skylights are increasing in popularity and they’re perfect for lofts. Skylights sit overhead and can be installed on both sloping and flat roofs, and they can let light into your loft. Nowadays, skylights and loft windows are very energy efficient and prevent the loss of heat as well as the cold from transferring through the glass.

Additions to your loft windows
Since your loft will receive so much light, it’s a good idea to invest in some accessories too. Blinds are an essential especially for skylights to provide shade from the sun when you need it, and you can also get power-operated blinds for added convenience. You can choose from frosted glass if you want extra privacy, as well as different frames and tinted glass to prevent solar radiation.

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