Popular Window Trends in 2018

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7 Jul

Popular Window Trends in 2018

Just like with interior design, windows are subject to certain trends and it’s interesting to see how window styles change over time. Contemporary styles are definitely more popular nowadays, and homeowners are generally trying to maximize how much light is entering the home with bigger windows and more open plan spaces. There is also a huge focus on energy efficiency, and windows play a huge role in that. Here are a few of the most popular window trends in 2018 to consider if you’re planning to revamp your windows.

Connection between indoors and outdoors

Gone are the days of your outdoor space being reserved just for gardening and bathing in the sun. One of the biggest window trends to emerge this year is a connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Glass sliding doors help to achieve that, as do same-level patios and decking to allow your outdoor area to act as an extension of your indoor space. Accordion style sliding doors are very on-trend at the moment too.
One of the most popular window trends in 2018 that we’ve seen is oversized windows. Oversized windows are beautiful as they allow a huge amount of light to stream into the home, making your space feel bigger, brighter and fresh. Interior design trends are focusing on clean spaces, clean lines and minimalism, and oversized windows really compliment that. Rounded windows are considered as more traditional, whereas square and rectangular windows are very modern.

Kitchen skylights

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and whereas before the kitchen area used to be reserved only for cooking, it’s now a key entertainment area and the place where many people spend most of their time. That’s why you want your kitchen to be as bright, homely and functional as possible. Kitchen skylights are another popular window trend in 2018, as they provide both ventilation and natural light into your home. Skylights are installed in the roof of your kitchen and there are plenty of designs and styles to choose from.

Energy efficient windows

There’s a huge emphasis on energy efficiency nowadays, and window trends are no exception. Opting for energy efficient windows is not only good for the environment, it will improve the energy star rating of your home making it more desirable when you sell, and reduce your energy bills. Choose windows that block harmful UV rays, and go for double or triple glazing to keep heat in and keep the cold out.

Black accents

Contemporary designs are very popular at the moment, and black accents are dominating this year’s window style trend. Black and white windows are super sleek, as well as dark grey styles for an ultra-modern look.
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