Dealing With Leaking Windows

Fixing leaking windows
28 Sep

Dealing With Leaking Windows

It’s officially fall, which means that the leaves are slowly turning orange and crisp mornings are starting to kick in. But while the new season is very exciting, it can also bring a lot of weather changes which can be very disruptive if your home isn’t prepared. Rainy days are common especially in Vancouver and on the West Coast, so if your windows aren’t doing their job properly you may experience leaks and drafts. Here’s how to deal with leaking windows and how to stop water from finding its way into your home.

Find the cause of the leak

The first thing to do when dealing with leaking windows is to identify the cause of the leak. If you’re noticing water marks or excess water above or below the window frame, this is a sign that water is entering through an opening around the seam. If you’re noticing water marks on your ceiling or on your floor, you may have a leaky roof or cracks in your foundation which may be an indicator of more serious damage.

Evaluate the damage

Dealing with leaking windows as soon as you notice excess water is so important, as you don’t want the issue to escalate especially as rainy season is coming up. Inspect your window frames, glass, and around the seams of your windows on the inside and outside of your home to evaluate the damage.

Consider whether a replacement may be necessary

Once you’ve evaluated the damage, you can then bring in your local glass specialist who will assist in working out whether a repair or replacement is necessary. If it’s simply a sealant issue, your window specialist should be able to seal the window to provide weatherproofing in order to stop leaks from occurring. If your window frame is rotten, or if the damage is excessive, you may require replacement windows but this should be the last resort as there are many fixes that can be considered first.

Stop leaks from happening in future

Once you’ve managed to fix the leak, it’s good sense to make sure leaks don’t occur again in future. It’s often difficult to tell whether you’re dealing with simply a small gap in the seal or completely rotten window frames, which is why it’s essential to get a professional to check out the cause of the leak so you can nip it in the bud. In future, make sure to get your windows and frames cleaned regularly and that the caulking around the windows provides a continuous seal so there aren’t any gaps.

At Kristo’s Glass, we have been solving leaking windows for over 60 years here in Vancouver. If you are dealing with leaking windows in Vancouver, get in touch with us today and together we’ll fix your windows and get you ready for the fall months.