Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

double glazed windows being carried by man
13 Sep

Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

We all want our homes to be as comfortable, affordable and energy efficient as possible, and there are a few key components that help to make that happen. Your home’s windows are one of them, as they’re designed to protect your home from the elements, provide safety and insulation, and generally enhance the design of your home. Double glazed windows are essential nowadays as they’re long lasting, affordable and work wonders in insulating your home. So, if you’re thinking about replacing your windows, here are a few benefits of double glazed windows to keep in mind.

One of the biggest benefits of double glazing is its insulating properties. While single glazed windows only have 1 pane of glass, double glazed windows have 2 panes of glass with a layer of air between the two. Up to 70% of your home’s heat can be lost through heat transfer with single glazed windows, while with double glazed windows that figure is significantly lower. Double glazing help to keep the heat inside your home in the winter, and help to prevent heat from transferring into your home during the summer, thus preventing the need to constantly heat and cool your home.

Because double glazed windows have two panes of glass, this means double the amount of noise insulation. If you live on a busy road, close to train tracks or if airplanes often fly above your house, double glazed windows will be very beneficial as they’ll help to block out the sound. If sound proofing is a priority, you can also look at different types of glass thickness too, or even go for triple glazed windows which provide even better soundproofing.

Lower energy bills
Because double glazed windows prevent heat loss, this means that you’re not having to constantly turn the heating on which results in much lower energy bills. A new set of windows will last you for many years so it’s a brilliant investment and it’ll help to cut your carbon footprint.

Less condensation
Homes with single glazed windows often experience a lot of condensation, especially in winter. Condensation occurs when moist air and cold surfaces meet, and while it doesn’t appear to be damaging, when it happens regularly over time it can lead to the development of mould and rot.

Increased safety
Your windows are one of your home’s most important safety features, which is another reason why double glazed windows are so beneficial. Double glazed windows are tough and hard to break through as you have two panes of glass, so switching your windows will help to increase the security of your home.
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