3 Things To Know About Replacement Windows

Replacement windows
4 Sep

3 Things To Know About Replacement Windows

Your windows are such an important part of your house. Not only do they protect you from the elements, help to block out noise and improve the safety of your home, they also contribute to the aesthetic of your home. However, if it gets to the point where your glass windows are no longer enhancing your home and they’re looking a little tired and worn, it may be time for an update. Here are a few things to know about replacement windows, which is the best choice for you, and signs that it’s time for a change.

Match the style of your home
Depending on the material and condition of your existing windows, you may not necessarily have to get rid of your existing frame. If you have a period property and you love the frames, but the glass needs updating, speak to Kristo’s Glass about whether you’re able to save the frame and repaint or sand it down to make it look as good as new. Even if the frame and windows are painted shut, you may still be able to salvage it. However, if the frame is too worn down you may need a completely new structure, but you have a range of materials to choose from to make sure the replacement windows match the style of your home.

They can be costly but it’s a great investment
Replacement windows can be costly, however it’s important to see it as an investment rather than a splurge. You’ll be able to recoup some of your investment if you’re planning to sell your home, plus if you opt for double glazed windows you’ll see the financial benefits and lower heating bills within a few months. Rather than opting for the cheapest window style, choose a design that fits your home and matches your preference. Consider additional options such as built-in blinds and shades, custom frame colours or specialized glass, as although they may cost a little more it can make a huge difference to your home so it’s well worth it.

Replacement windows should be installed by professionals
Another thing to know about replacement windows is that you have to get them installed by the right professional. The proper installation of your windows is crucial, as your replacement windows need to be properly sealed, airtight, watertight and insulated to ensure they enjoy a long lifespan.
If you’re in need of replacement windows in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to talk about your windows and find a style that’s best for you.